Tiny Eggs and Big Hair

Tiny Eggs and Big Hair

Aside from hammering metal I keep busy looking after the furry & feathery kids on the little farm & well, they're the reason I do what I do so thought I might start sharing some little tidbits of daily happenings around here :). 

Life with chickens can be pretty entertaining.. if you're easily entertained like me ;). I picked up the tiniest egg I think I've ever gotten today & I've been keeping chickens for about 17 years now. Flo laid this one as she's trying to get back in her groove after molting. And then I tried to tame Pip's wild hair with a hair clasp - side note the ones with bows were the only ones I could find in a smaller clip size. I wasn't intentionally trying to torture her ;). Thought she'd be happy she could actually see. Nope. She was not amused so that was short lived but it was funny while it lasted. 

Happy first day of fall!



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