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Horizon Earrings - Handmade. Mixed Metal. 14kt Goldfill & Oxidized fine silver

$ 50.00

"Horizon" Earrings - My hand crafted diamond charms of fine recycled silver are adorned with a radiant design & complimented with sunny golden earwires .. a sister design to my Daybreak earrings.

~8mm organic diamonds of recycled fine silver (99% pure silver/sterling is 92.5% silver) crafted & imprinted by hand by me =).
My hand formed 14kt goldfill earwires that I have forged with my favorite hammer to add strength & grace.
An oxidized patina was added layer by layer to the silver then carefully removed by brushing & polishing by hand.

Including my handforged earwires is approximately 1 3/8 inches.

* I have one pair ready to ship!

* All pieces are lovingly fabricated by my two little hands (with help from a few pair of pliers, a couple of my favorite hammers & my handy torch) in my loft studio on my little farm in Oglethorpe County, GA.