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Twinkle 14kt Rose Goldfill Earwires - Handmade. Handforged

$ 6.93

Each piece is meticulously shaped, filed and hammered by hand by me as you order them in my studio on my little farm. Shown being worn as size reference only. Earrings available in my jewelry section.

$$$ SAVE when you buy 4 or more pairs $$$

Description: 14kt Rose Goldfill hand formed earwires
Wire Gauge: 20 (most commercial earwires are 21 gauge which = less sturdy & less gold)
Size: Approximately 3/4 inch

* Please note these are MADE TO ORDER so please allow 7-10 business days for production before shipping. Rush shipping options are available.

* What is goldfill?
Gold filled is a solid layer of gold bonded to the surface of a different metal. In the USA it is called gold filled, in Europe and Asia it is called rolled gold because the sheet of real gold is rolled over.
The major difference between gold plated and gold filled is that gold plated is a very thin layer of gold electro-plated to the outer layer and the gold is 100 to 10,000 times less thicker than gold filled. Gold filled is solid gold sheet over a base metal such as brass and it is much more durable and contains a larger amount of gold than gold plated which makes gold filled more valuable.

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